Further materials on “How to Learn”

So, as promised, I am going to list here 10 of my personal favorite resources that I found very useful and worth following.

1. Inquiring Minds podcast:
Inquiring Minds brings in-depth podcast exploration of the places where science, politics, and society         collide.

2. Brainfacts.org:
A wonderful collection of fascinating facts and articles about the brain.

3. Big Think:
A website of important, interesting, practical and actionable ideas.

4. Annie Murphy Paul:
She is an independent writer and journalist who is fascinated by how people learn.

5. Cal Newport and Study Hacks:
Cal Newport’s “Study Hacks” website long focused on student learning, but has more recently grown to     encompass great discussions and ideas about how to live an interesting and meaningful life.

6. Kalid Azad and his mathematics:
Kalid’s approach to teaching concepts related to mathematics is excellent!

7. Scott Young:
Scott is the ultimate adventurer in learning–he’s compressed the entire 4-year MIT curriculum for   computer science into one year of independent learning; and is more recently wrapping up a year’s   travel, learning four different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean) through total immersion in each of the countries. As a modern intellectual Marco Polo of learning, Scott’s insights are always worth following!

8.  Marty Nemko – the career coach:
Marty has terrific practical insights on learning and how it relates to careers and the workplace.

9. Benny – the Irish Polygot:
If you’re trying to learn a new language, you’ll find Benny’s hints and help invaluable.

10. Talks at Google:
The Talks at Google program brings authors, musicians, innovators, and speakers from everywhere to Google for talks centering on their recently published books. These talks are longer than TED talks.

Other than the above, there are plenty of other good research papers and books that are worth time speeding with. I would be happy to know if you have any specific suggestion. Happy learning. 🙂


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I am a Software Engineer by profession. I'm ever curious to find the latest technology in the field and put it to good use. Quite a bit of my free time goes to learn different tools and technology.I enjoy development for Linux, building/leading teams, and contributing to different open source projects. Even though I have a very wide range of interests when it comes to build software, my current focus is on Frontend development. I am thrilled to work with HTML,CSS,JS, JQuery and Ajax like concepts. I also love to read, write, travel and cook.

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