Learning “How to Code”

There has been a lot of movements lately on how we can teach coding. In last couple of years, almost all the leading tech companies, educational institutions and many other organizations have come forward to raise the awareness of coding in common people.I do believe that in this era of hi-tech computers, it is very important that we learn how do the computers talk.

Coding/programming is nothing but a way of communicating with a machine in a way that both parties understand. But this is not the soul theme of coding. Computational (or algorithmic) thinking teaches us how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems. It also allows us to tackle complex problems in efficient ways that operate at huge scale. It involves creating models of the real world with a suitable level of abstraction, and focus on the most pertinent aspects.The applications of this approach stretch beyond writing software. Fields as diverse as mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, physics, biology, archaeology and music are applying this well known computational approach.

This is why it has become a much sought after skill that everyone should learn. Even if you never become a professional software engineer, you will benefit from knowing how to think this way.

Below,I have listed 10 of my favorite resources on learning coding.There are certainly plenty more out there. Even if you absolutely do not know how to code or want to learn something new, just go ahead and get started with any one of these.

1. Girl Develop It
2. Google Summer of Code
3. Hackety Hack
4. Code School
5. Codecademy
6. Codeplayer
7. Udacity
8. Wibit
9. Khan Academy
10. Code.org

Also, watch these (inspirational) videos to make you feel more confident.

1. TED Video
2. Why our kids must learn to code
3. Code stars

Great !! But before I conclude, I would certainly add one more point for everybody to ponder over which is “programming is not for everybody”. It might sound a bit contradictory based on what I have written so far, but actually it is not. We should definitely need a basic level of understanding of using a ‘if-else’ or ‘while’ loop or even how to make our internet browser work but to become a really good programmer, it definitely requires a lot of practice, passion and strong skill sets in certain areas including mathematics.

However, having all that said, there is no doubt that learning to program is an empowering thing. So, lets get started with it. Happy Coding 🙂


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I am a Software Engineer by profession. I'm ever curious to find the latest technology in the field and put it to good use. Quite a bit of my free time goes to learn different tools and technology.I enjoy development for Linux, building/leading teams, and contributing to different open source projects. Even though I have a very wide range of interests when it comes to build software, my current focus is on Frontend development. I am thrilled to work with HTML,CSS,JS, JQuery and Ajax like concepts. I also love to read, write, travel and cook.

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