Why Have I Started To Read Books Again?

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles W.Elio-

There was a time in my childhood when reading books was not only my hobby, but also one of my deadliest passions.  But in the process of growing up, the beauty of technology overwhelmed me, my love for computers increased exponentially and as a result, I became way more comfortable with ‘Google’ than with the pages of a paperback.

But just about 7 to 8 months back, I suddenly felt a ‘moment of realization’. In order to fit into this society, to please people around me, to get a foreign degree or a job, to make my parents proud and so on, I had actually forgotten to live life in my own terms. So, I hit the ‘pause’ button of my life for few days. As the chaos started to fade away, I finally got the time to introspect my life, my own values, my goals and dreams. This realization was surreal. Even though, I still do not intend to leave all of my responsibilities and run away to Himalayas, I have found ways to keep me content as well as make me a more responsible human being on this earth. However, the goal of this blog post is not to discuss about all those findings (that is definitely one of my future blog ideas) but to stay focused as I talk about the importance of reading books.

In that period of calmness, I took up random books to read. In the beginning, it was very difficult to hold my patience that long but as I forced myself to go to a coffee shop without a laptop, switched off internet in my mobile,eventually it started getting easier. In the past few months, I have explored many different types of books starting from the inspirational biographies of the leaders to the inner stories of human cells.I must say, this one habit gave me a whole new direction of life. Here, I thought of listing out some of the major advantages of reading a paperback for all of you.

  1. Explore the new world:
    Through reading, we expose ourselves to new things, new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing. I do not believe that any type of school or college education can give us that amount of knowledge that we can understand how this universe works. Reading books from all possible domain can only be a strong start of this big journey.
  2. Self Improvement:
    Reading made me a better ‘me’. As I started to understand the world more, I started to understand a lot about myself too. My self confidence, tolerance power, the skill of communication, thinking and understanding have got better and I believe it is just a start.
  3. “Literature is Freedom”:
    The more you read, the more you would feel the urge to write (that is why I started thing blog at the first place) and the more you write, the more you would be able to share your knowledge with the world and the more you share, the more you would feel the bliss of freedom and happiness.
  4. Filling the Gaps”:
    “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”- Stephen Hawkin
    This is one of my most favorite quotes for reading or learning new things. I know that it’s impossible to learn everything in one lifetime. Knowledge is endless. But my goal is to try to fill up the gaps that my traditional school education did not give me in order to see the world beyond the viewpoints of most common people.

    Below is the list of books that I intend to finish very soon.

  1. “Creativity”  by John Brockman
    2. “Powers- Testing the Psychic and Supernatural” by Dan Korem
    3. “The reality of Physics” by Jeff Lee
    4. “The Sciences of the Artificial” by Herbert Simon
    5. “Steve Jobs – The man who thought Different”
    6. “The pleasure of Finding things out” by R. Feynman
    7. “Why do you care what other people think?” By R. Feynman
    8. “Science and Anti-Science” by Gerald Holton
    9. “Internet Dreams” by M. Stefik
    10. “God Does Not Play Dice” by David Shiang
    11. “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg
    12. “The world as I see it” by Albert Einstein
    13. “The Art of Deception” by Kevin Mitnick
    14. “Mein Kamph” by Adolph Hitler
    15. “The Theory of Everything ” by Stephen Hawking

    I would like to end this post by quoting some of my most favorite lines about reading:

    1. “By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This to me is a miracle”. – Kurt Vonnegut
    2. “For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading.” -Eudora Welty
    3. “If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance. Or better, one’s chances of survival increase with each book one reads” – Sherman Alexie
    4. “I owe everything I am and everything I will ever be  to books.” – Gary Paulsen
    5. “Read. Read anything. Read the things they say are good for you, and the things they claim are junk. You’ll find what you need to find. Just Read” – Neil Gaiman

      Thank you for reading. 🙂


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I am a Software Engineer by profession. I'm ever curious to find the latest technology in the field and put it to good use. Quite a bit of my free time goes to learn different tools and technology.I enjoy development for Linux, building/leading teams, and contributing to different open source projects. Even though I have a very wide range of interests when it comes to build software, my current focus is on Frontend development. I am thrilled to work with HTML,CSS,JS, JQuery and Ajax like concepts. I also love to read, write, travel and cook.

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