About the blogger

Hi, my name is Piyali Dey. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a voracious reader and a productivity junkie. I read almost anything and everything that is available on the internet in different sectors of science, technology, humanities, social science, philosophy and so on. The purpose of this blog is to share some of those thoughts and knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. For example, I write on topics like tips and tricks to work smarter or how to live a productive life or may be how to hack your brain in order to boost your efficiency or may be something more abstract like ‘Does God really exist?’. Bottomline, I intend to give my posts flavors that would range from productivity to learning to the meaning of life.

Other than philosophical writings, I also enjoy to write a lot about Full Stack web Development. Topics can range from HTML,CSS, Javascript to Databases,Php, Python. I hope you would find those posts informative as well.

However, the goal of these posts are not to assert that my viewpoint is always correct, but rather to encourage discussion and move few steps closer in answering a question. Apart from reading, I also love to travel, listening to music and programming.

Contact Me:

Like one of the articles? Have a question about something I’ve written? Feel free to comment on my posts.I would be very happy to encourage new ideas or discussions.
You can also find me in Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Medium.

Thank you once again for your time and happy reading.


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